About me

I’ve taken a break from my day job and am on a journey to discover more of the world and life outside the corporate hamster wheel.

When I am working, I lead digital teams in multiple countries to deliver great online customer experiences. I’m what you could call a ‘creative technologist’, which means I’m technical but understand the design and creative process necessary to produce innovative digital products.

My professional passion is using digital technology to make the mundane a delight: online banking, insurance claims, travel bookings etc. I’m forever learning about new technologies and digital strategies and love nothing more than to implementing efficiencies in daily proceses to free teams up for the really fun, creative part of their jobs.

I genuinely believe in the connection between mind and body, and am curious about how that connection can be optimised to improve professional performance. I have no formal health or wellness qualififications. Just a curious mind and years of learning what doesn’t work for me, and what does.

Mindfulness, movement, fresh air and great food are my ‘magic sauce’ to creating and retaining balance in my life.