Soapbox moment

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I was driving to work the other day when I heard a news story about fake meat. Apparently, it could be a $3 billion industry for Australia. Our farmers are being encouraged to ditch livestock and grow the plants that are needed to produce fake meat, typically soy beans. There are a few billion-dollar Silicon Valley start-ups producing fake meat and the world’s gone a bit crazy for it. Bear in mind it’s currently costs most producers around $US200 to produce one plant based sausage.

The choice to reduce my meat intake is primarily for health reasons. My preference is to eat a clean, whole-food based diet with little or no processed food. And that’s why I also avoid soy-based protein replacements, or fake meat. Think about how much processing and artificial flavouring is required to produce one of those $US200 fake meat sausages. This doesn’t sit welll with me.

I’m no scientist, but it’s very hard for me to believe that the phenomenon of fake meat will have a positive long-term impact on the plant, or our health. It’s just not healthy to consume that much processed food. And don’t even get me started on the terrible farming and agriculture practices that are behind the production of soy beans, particularly in Brazil. Read about that here.

I don’t have a solution to this, other than hoping everyone makes well-informed choices about the source of their food and what you put into your body.

I’ve been enjoying adventure dinners for the past couple of weeks, thanks to an over-stocked freezer. My food bill has plumeted and it’s quite refreshing to have no idea of what I’ll be eating each night. I still have vegetarian lasagne in the freezer tho. I’m well equipped for the zombie apocolypse.


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