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I had been feeling a bit sorry for myself this weekend, but a conversation tonight snapped me out of it.

The reason for my pity party is superficial really. Let me explain. My body hasn’t been great since returning to work. I spent nine months being incredibly active every day. Going from that to a broadly sedentary desk-bound environment has not done it any favours. Wearing my favourite Prada heels probably hasn’t helped either. But, they’re so pretty. I digress. This past week one of my shoulders has been mostly numb. No to panic. It’s a recurrence of a whiplash injury I sustained about 15 years ago. Mountain bike, muddy conditions and failing brakes on a downhill section resulted in a helicopter evacuation and, thankfully, no spinal damage. Just whiplash.

Anyway, that injury is back, thanks to the changes in posture and lack of movement caused by being back at work. The body remembers weaknesses and when it’s out of balance, those weaknesses come back. So, despite making incredible progress with my strength and wellness, this old gripe returned, and it left me feeling pretty flat.

Until tonight. I spoke with my parents who are just back from a camping trip with family friends I’ve known my whole life. He has a rare blood cancer. They have two grandchildren who were born grossly premature and have the developmental challenges you’d expect from such a rude start to life.

That put my tingly shoulder and relatively superficial financial stresses into perspective. I am happy and I am healthy. And really, that’s enough.


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