Sh*t’s getting real


With my trip to Queensland starting tomorrow, I can’t help but feel like a character from Neighbours. Is it just me, or when actors left the show back in the 1980s, were their characters always ‘moved to Queensland’? I didn’t really get what that meant when I was living up there, but having spent six years in Melbourne – where Neighbours is filmed – I totally understand the reference now. Don’t get me wrong, I love it here, but in the depths of winter, Queensland is pretty damn appealling. It’s never cold there. Ever.

So, just like Scott and Charlene, I’m packing my car and heading to Queensland. My trip will not necessarily be as glamorous as you’d imagine theirs was, but I’m pretty excited. This will be my third holiday in *ahem* seven weeks. My stress levels are pretty manageable but sometimes it’s just good to get away. I’ll see my folks for the first time in about six months and I’ll also be catching up with some very dear friends whilst I’m up there.

My plan is to take a good four or five days for the drive of about 2,000km, so it’ll definitely be a leisurely journey. I’ll be camping on the way too. This is my first solo camping adventure, and my intention is to become sufficiently comfortable with car camping so I can take the next step to full pack camping, hiking into the wilderness and staying out for a few days.

Given my amateur camping status, most of today was spent checking and re-checking my gear and making sure I’ve packed everything I will or might need. Tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, camp stove, esky … the list goes on.

The real test will be tomorrow when I arrive at the first stop and have to make camp for the first time. But, that’s part of the reason I’m taking this adventure – to learn the ropes before going out in the wild. Stay tuned…

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