Biting off more than I can chew?

I’ve known for some time that this redundancy would be happening. I’ve wanted it for a while but as my end date nears, I am starting to get anxious. Anxious that I’m taking a huge financial gamble, anxious that I won’t find another job and also anxious about how I’ll cope without the daily structure of what’s been an incredibly hectic job.

I’ll be going from 100 miles an hour down to zero in a matter of days, and I want to minimise the emotional trauma that will create. Closing one chapter and starting another is far easier said than done for me. My head is full at the moment with what I need to do to close out my role, making sure my direct reports are set up for success, supporting my peers and the day-to-day decisions about what to do once I leave. I need time and I need perspective.

What better way to achieve that than pushing myself outside of comfort zone? Sink or swim baby.

I’ve just booked to do this hike in Central Australia. Six days of hiking the highlights of the Larapinta Trail, heading west from Alice Springs for 80-odd kilometres. I’ve never walked for so many consecutive days. Ever. It’s a glamping option, with permanent campsites and in a small group, which is all I think I can manage. I’m slightly anxious about turning up on my own, but I don’t think that’s enough of  a reason to not do it.

I will fly to Alice Springs the morning after my last day at work, meaning I won’t have time to dwell on the trauma of farewells and the potential professional and financial suicide I’ve just committed.

So, it’s off to the outback for me, but not before I drop a tonne of cash on outdoor gear as I’ve realised I only have the bare basics of what I need. I’ll be that one with all the gear and no idea.

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